February Opportunities and Birdsong Tablets Explained

by Stuart Bunting, RWC President & CEO.

February may be a short month, but it is packed with experiences to enjoy. The Rams and the Patriots square off on Super Bowl Sunday with the accompanying Party of course, and no February is complete without Ground Hog’s Day (no shadow please) and Valentine’s Day.  Let’s roll out the red carpet for spring. 

The RWC community offers a wide array of opportunities for engagement.  From fun to intellectually stimulating, creative to responsive, and active to challenging, there are classes, seminars, presentations, discussions, games, concerts, performances, and events that reflect your vast interests.  From fitness to fine arts classes and corn hole to puzzles of all shapes and sizes, there is something for everyone at RWC. 

One recent engagement opportunity across our neighborhood bears special mention.  You may have seen the Birdsong Tablets in various places. What is a Birdsong Tablet? It is a special computer touchscreen device that has even more special computer software on board that provides virtually limitless engagement opportunities without the scariness of some computers.  Our colleagues at Westminster-Canterbury on Chesapeake Bay developed and refined the concept of the Birdsong Tablet and software over the last two years.  Simply put they wanted to offer engagement opportunities to virtually anyone regardless of computer literacy or even physical ability.  Through the Birdsong Tablet, one can explore the world, revisit past travels, absorb new information, listen to music, refine skills, be entertained, and enjoy a bit of fun and laughter.  Just as RWC has many opportunities for engagement, so too does the Birdsong Tablet. 

Thanks to a very generous grant from The Birdsong Foundation and residents, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Birdsong, we have 22 Birdsong Tablets across the RWC community providing engagement opportunities for residents.  Through these user-friendly devices you can do all those activities mentioned above and then some with no internet skills or knowledge and no typing or keyboarding worries.  Just touch the screen to start your journey and see where the Birdsong Tablet takes you. 

While you wait for your turn at a Birdsong Tablet, enjoy interacting with your fellow residents and engage in those other activities I mentioned.  You are truly blessed to be part of the most interesting and fascinating group of people ever assembled in one place.

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