RWC Health Services Offers Seamless Move from One Level of Care to Next

One of the biggest benefits of moving to our Continuing Care Retirement Community is that everything you need to stay active, healthy and on top of your health is conveniently available right on our campus.

At RWC, we offer a variety of health services including:

Our residents receive excellent health care
  • RWC’s Resident Clinic – registered and licensed practical nurses and certified nursing assistants are on hand to treat residents for minor ailments and injuries.
  • Westbury Health Center – an onsite facility equipped and staffed to care for residents who are unable to care for themselves at home but who do not require hospitalization.
  • Westbury Court (Assisted Living) – compassionate, licensed care that can serve up to 70 residents who seek assistance without the need for full nursing home care.
  • Birdsong House-Memory Care – an onsite facility for residents who need assistance with the needs of dailyliving and enhanced supervision and activities intended to stimulate memory and potentially slow the progression of dementia.
  • Health Services for General Community – individuals from the wider community may be provided access to our premium levels of care if we have available capacity after meeting the needs of our contracted residents. Community admissions are private pay. We offer Medicare and Medicaid services in our health center level of care.
  • Support Services – residents and community members can benefit from additional services that include our comprehensive wellness program, support groups and at-home care.
  • Long-Term Care Services statistics show somewhere between 50-70% of people over the age of 65 will require fairly significant long-term care services at some point in their life.

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Support Services

In addition to providing high-quality accommodations and services to its residents, Rappahannock Westminster-Canterbury makes a number of programs and services available to members of our local community as well.

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The Living Well Program

Open to RWC residents and eligible community members for a monthly fee, the Living Well Program is a comprehensive wellness program, which allows access to RWC’s new Life Enrichment Center which offers:

  • Customized exercise program
  • State-of-the art equipment
  • Group fitness classes
  • Indoor heated swimming pool
  • Wellness and nutrition seminars
  • Instruction from certified fitness instructors
  • Advice from a registered dietitian
  • Fit to Move class for those with Parkinson’s disease

At Home with RWC

If you decide to stay at home but need help with some everyday tasks, RWC can help. Our At Home with RWC department delivers personal care, companion care or nursing care right to your door step. All services are monitored by a registered nurse. Enrollees pay a fee to participate in the program. Go to to learn more.

Parkinson’s Support Groups

RWC’s Parkinson’s Support Group and Care Partners Group meet monthly to share concerns of living with and care for those with Parkinson’s disease. Medical professionals and researchers routinely attend the meetings to discuss advances in treatment and best practices for daily living activities. A Fit to Move exercise class, geared to assist those with Parkinson’s in maintaining muscle tone and coordination, meets three times a week. Participation in all activities is free.

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Memory Support Group

Regular group sessions organized by RWC allow those living with memory loss and their families and caregivers an opportunity to share experiences and learn about new approaches to managing such change. RWC’s close relationship with the local chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association assures participants the latest research and best practices are incorporated into our program. Services are offered at no charge.

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Grief Support Group

Grief comes to us in different ways and grieving can be a difficult and painful process. This new group meets monthly and aims to help as we navigate the troubled waters of personal loss. Guided by residents and the RWC Chaplain.