get to know rwc residents

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Many of our residents often say they love living at Rappahannock Westminster-Canterbury because of the interesting people here. We are a diverse bunch hailing from different parts of Virginia and all over the country ranging in age from our 60s to over 100! However, we seem to have a lot in common too.

Our rich military service

With 58 residents living here who have served in the armed forces, you are sure to hear some amazing stories about traveling to distant lands and near misses with everything from parachute malfunctions to getting lost on solo flights. Twenty-two of us served in the U.S. Army and 17 in the Navy, so you can imagine the raucous ribbing for the annual Army-Navy football game!

We love our animals! They have been particularly comforting during the COVID-19 crisis, when we couldn’t gather with our friends and family as usual. Long walks outside enjoying our beautiful 165-acre campus are a joy! Forty-eight of us are pet owners – mostly cats and dogs, but you’ll see lots of other types of furry and feathered friends here as well.

Our residents come from all over the country or even the world! Twenty of us have lived in foreign countries – again  making for fascinating fodder over dinner or drinks.

We wear masks to our art classes now but continue to enjoy creating beautiful works in Art with Amy. Twenty-five of us are active including nine children who come here to build upon their artistic flair. Some of our gents are loving our woodworking shop as their creative outlet.

Our focus on health and wellness

Finally, we are super fit! When our community and world was at the height of the COVID-19 crisis, our workouts were broadcast via our local Channel 85. Now, we take socially distanced classes in our beautiful Life Enrichment Center. Last quarter alone, we had 1,584 visits to the fitness center with 507 visits to our heated, Olympic-sized indoor pool in a safe and staffed environment.

In short, we are interesting people who you will want to get to know.

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