The Top 7 Joys of Apartment Living

If you’ve ever looked forward to retirement and imagined what it would be like, you probably envisioned a relaxing lifestyle free of drudgery and full of freedom. If you’re a “young” or highly active senior, an excellent way to do this is to move into an apartment in a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC). CCRCs allow qualifying residents to live independently in apartments and other home styles in a vibrant community where they will be fully cared for as their health needs change. Here’s why it’s well worth considering a move to senior living apartments at a CCRC.

Advantages of Apartment Living

Franklinia InteriorThere are a considerable number of benefits to living in an apartment as a senior, starting with peace of mind for you and your loved ones. Just a few of these include the following:

  1. No maintenance to worry about. Living in an apartment means that community management staff members take care of all the maintenance responsibilities, such as building upkeep and remodeling, major appliance repairs, and landscaping.
  2. Safety. In an apartment building, access to mail, trash, recycling and other amenities is often located inside, so there’s no need to go outside to perform these tasks. In addition to being safer, apartment living often lends itself for easier socializing.
  3. Cozy and compact. Multi-story houses can be drafty and having too many rooms means more spaces to clean as well as having to walk farther to get what you need. It can also be difficult to organize or keep track of a large house full of possessions. In an apartment, everything you need is only a few steps away, and it’s easier to control and maintain ideal temperatures. This cozy lifestyle can both simplify your life and make your space more comfortable.
  4. Added security and additional safety features. Senior apartment living is designed with safety in mind. Many CCRCs offer security features that help protect seniors against crime, which is important given that they can become increasingly vulnerable as they age. In addition, most have safety features such as elevators, no-step thresholds, ramps, handrails, and grab bars to make daily activities safer and easier for seniors.
  5. The comfort of neighbors right next door. You’ll never feel isolated or alone in a CCRC apartment, since your neighbors are just a few steps down the hall. Living in the same building helps seniors meet and interact with others regularly, make new friends, and check on each other. You can easily have your neighbors over for meals, happy hours, or gatherings to watch the latest Netflix hit.
  6. Help with logistics. Many CCRCs offer a concierge service to provide additional assistance to tenants. Concierges can help arrange transportation to appointments, grocery shopping, planning visits, parties, and more. This service eliminates further worry and hassle while allowing seniors to get and do whatever they need.
    Pets are welcome at Rappahannock Westminster-Canterbury
  7. Convenience. CCRCs are often located close to amenities such as grocery stores or farmers’ markets, entertainment, and community events. They typically also offer on-campus facilities for dining, fitness, and salon services. Many provide bus or shuttle rides to community events, eliminating the need for seniors to worry about driving or public transportation. Such features make running errands, staying healthy, and enjoying life much easier and closer to home. Some CCRCs even offer on-site or nearby outdoor recreation options such as golf, hiking, or fishing.

Choose High-Quality Senior Apartment Living in Virginia

Rappahannock Westminster-Canterbury is a continuing care community (also known as a life plan community) providing the highest quality living experience for discerning senior adults. Situated on 165 beautiful acres outside the village of Irvington in Virginia’s Northern Neck, RWC residents choose to live here for the independent and worry-free lifestyle afforded in a tranquil setting.

Our spacious Westlake Apartments on Wood Duck Lake offer plenty of amenities. All RWC facilities are connected, so you won’t have to brave the elements as you move around campus. Our homes and facilities are designed to offer maximum safety and comfort.

Rappahannock Westminster-Canterbury Inc. is a Virginia nonprofit corporation affiliated with the Episcopal and Presbyterian churches. All religions are welcome.

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